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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Assam University Acts & Statues-
1998Assam University Ordinances and Regulations-
2001Quantum domain behaviour of classically chaotic systems: Quantum potential based analysesSarkar, Utpal
2001Dimensions of social change in a North East Indian village _ the study of Narsingpur in Barak valley of AssamRam, G; Nath, Rana Ranjan
2001Social change among the Barmans of Barak valleySingh, V P; Chackko, P M; Paul, Nibedita
2002Ground and excited states reactivity dynamics of hydrogen�and�helium atomsSarkar, Utpal
2002Quantum analogue of the Kolmogorov � Arnold ��Moser transition in the field induced barrier penetration in a quartic potentialSarkar, Utpal
2002Quantum theory of the chaotic ionization of highly excited helium atomsSarkar, Utpal
2003Philicity: A unified treatment of chemical reactivity and selectivitySarkar, Utpal
2003Effect of spherical confinement on chemical reactivitySarkar, Utpal
2003Chemical reactivity of spherically confined atomsSarkar, Utpal
2003Toxicity Analysis of Benzidine Through Chemical Reactivity and Selectivity Profiles: A DFT ApproachSarkar, Utpal
2004The polarimetric properties of cometary dust and a possible effect of dust aging by the Sun.Das, Himadri Sekhar; Sen. Asoke Kumar
2004Effect of Solvation on the Condensed Fukui Function and the Generalized Philicity IndexSarkar, Utpal
2004Chemical reactivity of the compressed noble gas atoms and their reactivity dynamics during collision with a protonSarkar, Utpal
2004The relationship between electrophilicity index, Hammett constant and nucleus independent chemical shiftSarkar, Utpal
2004A DFT Study of Some Aliphatic Amines Using Generalized�Philicity Concept.Sarkar, Utpal
2004Gender relations in IndiaRam, G; Nath, Ruma Deb
2005An analysis of the distribution of background star polarization in dark clouds.Das, Himadri Sekhar; Sen. Asoke Kumar
2005Formaldehyde decomposition through profiles of global reactivity indicesSarkar, Utpal