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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Effects of Web 2.0 technology assisted Slideshare, YouTub and WhatsApp on Individual and Collaborative Learning Performance and Retention in Tissues SystemJena,Ananta Kumar
2019Effects of Asynchronous E-Mail Intervention on Learning Performance in Relation to Thinking Skills, Executive Functions, and Attention Benefits of Indian ChildrenJena,Ananta Kumar
2018Factors relating to Memory, Social Skill, Language Acquisition, Logical Reasoning, and Problem Solving Skills of Pre-school ChildrenJena,Ananta Kumar
2018Exploring the Effects of Web 2.0 Technology on Individual and Collaborative Learning Performance in Relation to Self-regulation of learnerJena,Ananta Kumar
2018Predicting learning outputs and retention through neural network artificial intelligence in photosynthesis, transpiration and translocationJena,Ananta Kumar
2018Synchronous E-Learning Performance in Relations To thinking Skills, Executive Functions and Attention Benefits of StudentsJena,Ananta Kumar
2019Effects of Online Technology Based Scaffolding on Asynchronous Learning Performance of StudentsJena,Ananta Kumar
2019Cognitive Development of Children in Relation to Inhibition Control, Working Memory, and Cognitive FlexibilityJena,Ananta Kumar
2017Effects of collaborative m-learning and individual e-learning on the academic performance, attention benefit and consistency of learningJena,Ananta Kumar
2017Effects of Digital Environmental Photography and Video on the conceptual Knowledge, Skills and Eco-friendly Habits of StudentsJena,Ananta Kumar

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