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2017The GSTM1 and GSTT1 null genotypes increase the risk for Type 2 diabetes mellitus and the subsequent development of diabetic complications: A meta-analysis.Choudhury, Yashmin
2019Somatic Mutations in Circulating Cell-Free D-Loop Region of Mitochondrial DNA: A Study from North-East IndiaChoudhury, Yashmin
2019Systematic Review and Meta-analysis on the Health and Safety Implications of Electronic Nicotine Delivery SystemsChoudhury, Yashmin
2018Polymorphisms in DNA repair genes increase the risk for type 2 diabetes mellitus and hypertensionChoudhury, Yashmin
2018Anti-Diabetic Drugs: Cure or Risk Factors for Cancer?Choudhury, Yashmin; Sengupta, Mahuya
2019Genetic status of indigenous poultry (red jungle fowl) from India.Choudhury, Yashmin
2016A murine model of type 2 diabetes mellitus developed using a combination of high fat diet and multiple low doses of streptozotocin treatment mimics the metabolic characteristics of type 2 diabetes mellitus in humansChoudhury, Yashmin
2017Aqueous extract of smokeless tobacco (gutkha) deregulates tumor suppressor and DNA repair response in a murine model of smokeless tobacco useChoudhury, Yashmin; Sengupta, Mahuya
2019Treatment with the anti-diabetic drug metformin ameliorates betel-nut induced carcinogenesis in a murine modelChoudhury, Yashmin; Sengupta, Mahuya
2015XPD, APE1, and MUTYH polymorphisms increase head and neck cancer risk: effect of gene-gene and gene-environment interactionsChoudhury, Yashmin

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