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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Motivating factors in decision making process when choosing a conference destination- a study on tourism associated with conferences among academiciansChoudhury, Deepjyoti
2018Satisfaction an antecedent of word-of-mouth among electronic banking users: a study on salaried employeesChoudhury, Deepjyoti; Bhattacharjee , Dibyojyoti
2018A multiple comparison of e-banking quality dimensions using tukey's post hoc test: a study on selected banksChoudhury, Deepjyoti; Bhattacharjee , Dibyojyoti
2015Salaried employees and adoption of e-banking delivery channel: a literature reviewChoudhury, Deepjyoti; Bhattacharjee , Dibyojyoti
2019Attributions, antecedents and consequences of transaction failures among mobile money users: establishment of a conceptual frameworkChoudhury, Deepjyoti
2015Binary logistics regression and its application in businessChoudhury, Deepjyoti
2019Identifying the difference in agreement in perception towards online and offline travel booking amongst post graduate students-a kappa test analysisChoudhury, Deepjyoti
2012Organising the unorganised sector: an ict enabled logistics model in favour of cottage and small scale industries in northeast india.Choudhury, Deepjyoti
2015Impact of socio economic factors on adoption of e-banking amongst salaried employeesChoudhury, Deepjyoti; Bhattacharjee , Dibyojyoti
2016Role of e-banking delivery channel in developing loyalty: a study on salaried employeesChoudhury, Deepjyoti; Bhattacharjee , Dibyojyoti

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